Battersea, London

If you are looking for a new nappy valley like East Dulwich, Forest Hill, Herne Hill, or Earlsfield, in a leafy London neighborhood, Battersea is the original nappy valley that you can think of visit now. Situated on the south bank of the Thames, Battersea is an alternative house hunter of the area. It is also close to Chelsea and Fulham, and the Clapham junction station is also considered a more attractive point. However, this junction is not entirely associated with the Battersea area.

Any affluent young families can sneak back in Battersea as this is just south of Wandsworth’s borough. This area’s neighborhood has been carefully curated as this is a profitable quarter right on the Thames river. Moreover, the vibrant Circus West Village, new Zone Northern Line Extension, and other finest British retail brands keep the Battersea Power Station well-connected to London. 

Technologically it has a giant mingle with lots of local artisans, and along with the US Embassy, it has managed to remain magnificent under the radar. At present, the fortune of this tremendous mind-blowing area has swiftly changed in the last few decades. Many families started living here by using their nickname like “Pram Springs” as this area is full of beautiful architecture with lovely Victorian peaks, good restaurants, good schools, and so on. People also love to live in this riverside area in a friendly manner. So, you can even think of visit a fantastic site to enjoy your holidays. So, to find the best options and Battersea – London safety, read this article and check about the best thing in Battersea.

History of Battersea, London:


Before the industrial revolution, Battersea was undeveloped marshland and was a part of the country of Surrey. It was a small, simple island in the River Thames and had farmed with a village centered around St. Mary’s Church. Then, the land was reclaimed by challenging and mostly farmland before the Industrial Revolution. It was the most significant and largest market gardening area and responsible for feeding too much in the city at that time. Then the Industrial Revolution built so many factories by the river Wandle and the river Thames. It also gives the birth of a village called “Wandsworth” and eventually becomes the more significant London part.

The railway transformation happened in this area and consequently made a busy transport industry hub by building many houses and factories. Even today, mostly composed of neighborhoods, this has become home to many people for its unique features and great activities. If you are a tourist and care to visit Battersea, London real estate, not just you are a Pink Floyd fan, you can see out top listed places and enjoy more. 

So let us check out some must-see places in Battersea so that you can outline your holiday immediately.

It’s green:


In my opinion, Battersea is the best of both worlds because it is already a central part of London and also has strong residential and communal feelings for a lot of green open spaces. It feels like you have left the chaos of busy land London behind in most of the areas. As Battersea, London houses are a part of Wandsworth Common and Clapham Common. Naturally, this area falls into a green boundary as there are loads of places you can walk around and relax. It also has some beautiful famous landmarks, and the garden shop in that place is quite popular among the people. It is like a magical green place where you can buy lots of flowers for someone or looking for gardening supplies at a glance. It’s called Battersea flower station, and it has everything you need to know about gardening because it’s in the middle of London city.


 Battersea Dogs and Cats home:


Battersea rescue cats, dogs, and other animals at any cost, and it has a favorite charity to take multiple abandoned animals every day. These charities look after every animal, feed, treat them when they unwell, and re-home them with any lovely family if they are ready to take. So, you will be having adopting animals right on your doorstep in Battersea, and it is also a great place to see a lot of animals together. This charity or shelter was established in 1860, and it was under Royal patronage since Queen Victoria became the first patron in 1885. This shelter is available in Battersea, where you can visit to adapt your furry critters and visit this beautiful nice place. The entry is only $2, and you can go for the shelter support in their three locations.

Battersea high street market:


Whether you are looking for shopping for dresses or ingredients, or even some quality, delicious street food, the Battersea high street market is the perfect destination you can visit. Generally, the market is open every day, including Sunday, and it’s a beautiful place for food and educational activities. The market is called a food paradise, and indeed, you can check and enjoy the superb tasty food over there. There is another street market place near the New Convent Garden, and it is the largest and the most prominent street market in the entire United Kingdom. The market covers approximately 57 acres of area and consists of 200 plants, fruits, flowers, and vegetable companies so that you can find anything and everything here. But this year, the market is set for renovation, but soon this will begin again by the coming year.

It’s very well connected:


Although Battersea London postcode might not be on the London underground, its originally a communication place for living as there are thousands of public transport available here. Clapham Junction is the main transport hub where you can easily get into Victoria in a maximum of forty minutes. Like this, you can go to Hounslow, London Bridge, Waterloo, Croydon at the same time. You can also visit any southwest part like Wimbledon, Putney, Richmond, within 1 hour maximum time. But this is not enough. Soon it will connect to the Northern part, and plenty of luxury buses are planned to heading through this place around London very soon. 

You can also visit 575 Wandsworth Road, as this was the home of a Kenyan poet Khadambi Avalanche. After he died in 2006, the National Trust has taken care of the road and preserved it as the Georgian terraced house. This road also works as a junction point and helps many people to visit one place to another place.

Battersea Power Station:


Battersea power station is a Grade II enlisted building well-known for more than Pink Floyd’s album Animals’ cover. It’s a mixed-used area currently under development, and soon there will be home for residents, restaurants, shops, and office spaces. The power station had an iconic status when it first opened in 1935. Right now, the redevelopment process largely kept the building structure very intact. Still, once it is completed, you will be able to enjoy the stark and immortal design power station again.

Battersea Park:


Battersea Park is a complete gem of a place that you should look around. It is one of the top destinations on my must-see place list, and I would also encourage you to visit this place to enjoy most. There is so much to do and so much to see in this 200-acre public park. You could never visit all the places alone as this is full of greenery, the Peace Pagoda, the Children’s Zoo, the bandstand, the beautiful pump gallery, and more and more. You can spend a whole day seeing many great things here and enjoying the evening’s light refreshments by sitting on the river’s side. The park also offers fun activities for people of all ages, including crazy golf, Go Ape, tennis, and football. Apart from fun activities, it also holds different events throughout the year, such as famous fireworks in December.


 Battersea Arts Centre:


Battersea Arts Centre is an impressive town hall with 80 beautiful rooms and a magnificent structure. It’s a home that plays artistic performances from different plays to dance recitals. In 1893 this Battersea Town Hall opened, and later on, in 1974, it becomes the arts center. In 2015 a fire suddenly erupted during the building renovation time, and the structure was destroyed at that time. But then it’s repaired and reopened again with a new performance every day. This is basically a home for art and cultural activities and a unique venue for doing “Scratch” work. Many public members are invited to watch the early version of the “Scratch” and give feedback after visiting this place.

St. Mary’s Church:


Our last visiting place is a worship place, and it’s nothing but the St. Mary’s Church. This church was built in 800 AD, and it is one of the earliest consecrated church in London. The first residents made this church’s area of Battersea, and the making work finished in 1778. It’s a great place in the arts and history as William Blake, the famous poet, got married in this church, artist J.W.M. Turner painted the church, and Benedict Arnold buried in this church. So, visit this church and have a peaceful mind at the end of the day.