Covent Garden

It is significantly proved that if you are the first time London and looking to explore some of the city’s bright and famous neighborhoods, then the convent garden is the most fantastic place you can easily up there. London garden is the most attractive area in London, and it catches lots of visitors and even Londoner’s eyes. As no one likes to end the London trip without having a magnificent and incredible journey, a convent garden is an easy way to catch up, tasty cocktail spots, yummy restaurants, and different alleys to explore. 

Believe it or not, there are some best places in the Convent garden where you will get the most relaxed market place, the secret spot to visit in-group rather than single. However, most Londoners don’t like this garden because of the ungodly crowds. But as a visitor, you must appreciate and recognize this place as it’s brilliant and most people want to spend some days exploring it. So, you better try to plan a trip to a convent garden with a group and enjoy every single movement.


According to Wikipedia, the Covent Garden is another district of London that stayed in between Drury Lane and St. Martin’s Lane on the eastern border of the west end. It has Aldwych to the east and The Years and Seven Dials to the mort. It’s an ideal place for the former vegetables and fruits market in the central square of London. It is also famous for tourist visits and shopping.

For all of these reasons, I would like to share the nine best places in the convent garden that every visitor must visit while making a trip plan for the Convent garden.

Jubilee Market and Apple Market Covent Garden:

Both markets are famous and iconic for delivering antiques, little souvenirs, and bobbleheads of the queen, and this is the place where you should visit first free of cost. Both the markets are got stalls for everyone and open every day. It’s filled to the brim with craft stalls, indie market stalls, boutique shops, and lots more comic shops. So, take a wander around in the convent garden and stroll through the street performance. 

Built in1800s, the apple market has perched the neighborhood’s heart from where you can take a little trinket to home because you will get UK’s first Moon, the  Moomin Store, and other high-end designer crafts and works within these tinny alleys.

Enjoy the best cocktails:

If you love to have a good cocktail after a busy exploring day, then Convent Garden would be the perfect place. As the cocktail club is part of many Londoner’s life, you can also enjoy this bar as an unpretentious club member. There you can enjoy the fantastic music and have a great cocktail party all over the night. You will found this in the dingy basement, and it is modeled based on the mixture of British Gentlemen’s Club and some prohibition era in New York. Membership is free of cost, but you need to register 24 hrs before your visit, and you can take at most three guests with you. 

If you have an affair and pop on over Blame Gloria with your girlfriend, start with these pretty potent cocktails tonight. I assume you will love the spiced pear amazing cocktail here. The other gin cocktail you could ever imagine is Mr. Foggs, famous for its gin parlors. It’s a sort of gin cocktail that you love most the drunk of it.

See a show:

Different shows are available not only in Convent Garden but all over the west end. Technically, Convent Garden has several theaters and is filled with the best shows in the world. That’s why you should not miss this while when you are in this area. You book your favorite show ticket well ahead of time to get this at a lower price. But if you are not sure which show you will watch, head into the popular show items from the official TKTS booth. It is in the center of  Leicester Square and sells daily discounted show tickets. So, you can get the tickets from there and with this save some penny of yourself. 

London Transport Museum:

London Transport Museum is the place where you will get in-depth knowledge of the rich history of London’s transport from ancient times to now onwards. Inside the museum, you will see many of the world’s oldest underground transport network, the iconic red buses, and the world’s first and foremost underground stream train. You will also know about different sports and the best way to catch to visit the whole Convent Garden. 

It is also easy to visit as the museum is situated just shy or shelter from the Apple market. So, you can have a high refuge if you are trying to visit two places together. The apple market and the London Transport Museum. But if you are not transporting freak, you might find this place as a total bust and the town’s best shopping area.

Don’t forget to eat in the best restaurants.

Convent Garden is full of treasure-trove restaurants. Day by day, the number of restaurants is increasing these days that you could scoff off your face literally in a new foodie haunt each day. However, since the 19th century, the Seven Dials Market is famous for the food warehouse where bananas and cucumber used to store. Later on, it is named Cucumber Vally, where you will get fresh street food traders always. Additionally, you will also like Club MexicanaYum Bun, rice Rice Guys, and Square Root restaurants for soda sensations. You will also have exciting cheese options from Camden’s Cheese Bar and Pick & Cheese from Convent Garden.

But for yummy French cuisine, Clos Maggiore is right. You can head into that as every menu of this restaurant is so delicious, and you will sit under many twinkling lights that hug the rood and other restaurant surroundings. 

Alternatively, you can also pop-over The Petersham, which produces incredible local- meals in a gorgeous venue. It’s testy, and dot forgets to try lamb and anchovies from here. They can make you made if you are a foodie freak.

Now let us get to know the snack shop that Convent Garden offers you. Head into the Drury 188-189 shop where you will get all smashed testy avocado on sourdough, and believe me, it tests fantastic and yummy.

Finally, hop on over to the famous The Oystermen Seafood Bar and restaurants where you will serve as a treat if you try for seafood. To do that, you have to make reservations earlier, especially on weekends. It’s the best and best things to try seafood in London.

I often found myself herd to place my number 1 list with all of these choices because all restaurants are fantastic both in food and surroundings.

Royal Opera House:

Royal Opera House is situated in one corner of Convent Garden’s Piazza, and the main entrance is on the Bow-street. Here you can see the world-class Royal Opera show or Royal Ballet companies. But remember that it’s not a cup of tea for everyone. You need to book the ticket well ahead of time to enjoy the great performance. It is uncountably one of the best backstage performances to enjoy at a glimpse. Still, behind the scene, you have to book the ticket to see the sumptuous gilt-and-velvet on the decorated auditorium. However, if you don’t like the show, you can take a guided tour option to see the best creative arts in the venue itself. It is also worth visiting.

Neal’s Yard:

Neal’s Yard is one of the Covent Garden shopping places you can visit along with the street itself. It is full of little shops, nice boutiques, foodie haunts, and loads of different cafes to try. Likewise, if you are a coffee lover, you can hop into the Monmouth Coffee on Monmouth street. For lunch or afternoon mid-afternoon dish, hop over the Barbary. In Barbery, you can enjoy the tastiest North-African spicy dishes with Berber-flair. 

The next thing you can try in the Convent Garden is a different beauty parlor and Neal’s Yard therapy and remedies shop if you are concern about your beauty and like to grab the new skincare products at the latest price. You can also visit the Tea House on this street that sells a huge range of delicious teas worldwide. So, add an extra flavor to your tea and enjoy the Neals’ Yard.

Bakeries, Dessert, and Bars:

Out of thousands of bakeries, Santa Nata and Whipped are two popular cafes specializing in muffins, cheesecakes, pastéis de Nata, master pastry roll, etc… You can get any bakery item food here, including frozen, baked, chilled everything at these two cafes. Because the second-generation bakers own these two bakeries, and they are quite sure about their perfect products for years.

If you are looking for a huge bar with different vibes, hop into the Zebrano, Blame Gloria, and Eve Bar. All three bars are full of hedonism, temptation, and indulgence. You can enjoy every cocktail and dance night treat yourself as a VIP in the beneath of a bespoke chandelier. Zebrano has a fantastic drag branch every Saturday, and Blame Gloria always offers an outrageous vibe, eclectic and loose motion in the Bedford Street basement. Eve bar is famous for its interior design and pretty close to Heaven to the Earth.