Fun things to do in London

Discovering London through traveling can be overwhelming. The enormous tall buildings and streets are everywhere with bright shiny lights, pressing crowds, especially in a rush-hour its tough to focus on where to start and where to go. On the above of that, you might think if your bank account is feeling a little bit pinch, it’s hard to lend here. If you love extravagant pop-ups like singing, dancing along with roundup free fun things to do in London, then you have come to the right place because we are going to holding your hands through the best events with top new trends through our buzzing in this beautiful, weird capitals.  It is mainly a humdinger of a travel checklist that can help you find and hunt out the hidden gems.

So, if you live here or just arrived for adventurous things to do in London, our guide will help you find new London’s landmarks, get the real taste of the West end, and finally travel the whole world. You will see hundreds of incredible cuisines, top gigs, iconic attractions, art exhibitions, and many secret spots that you have never heard of before. So, got the super energy to go beyond these 11 places? Check out our top 11 recommended sites from the London bucket list, which is an excellent place to start if you want cheap things to do in London.

Tate Modern:

Tate Modern opened in June 2016 with a 10-story extension, and it’s England’s one of the most visited attractions. It has a 60 percent gallery space and famous for a wide range of artistic paintings and expression, sculpture, works on paper, performances, films, and other artistic installations. Nearly one-fourth of London’s total visitors jumped into this museum as this is the world’s largest contemporary art museum in London.

The famous and renowned galleries include Tate umbrella, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, and mind-blowing Tate St.Ives in Cornwall.  Furthermore, it is also recognized for Rothko, Picasso, Dali, Modigliani, and Matisse artists. But when you make your splendid visit to Tote Museum, don’t forget to view the 360-degree fabulous views from the London skyline and near the River Thames.

Warwick Castle:

It is located on the River Avon. Warwick Castle is an impressive fortress that dominates the super London landscape and holds this religion’s history for more than 800 years. It’s truly a memorable English outing means excursion place where you can take your whole family and offers a fascinating insight into medieval life. You will have an attractive day trip if you visit this castle, including its base called Cotwolds. It’s a famous base place and lies near to the towns of Stratford-upon-Avon, and we all know it’s the most excellent writer, William Shakespeare’s birthplace.

It also has different city destinations like Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry, The Beatles’ central hometown, etc. It has also become the heartthrob of the medieval-themed events for various concerts and fairs.

The National Gallery:

With no cost estimation visiting the national Gallery is the historical thing to do in London. It consists of the most comprehensive and illusive collections of paintings and has become the world’s second-largest most-visited attraction. It displays all extensive collections and presents a complete cross-section of British and European painting from 1260 to 1920. It also has a rear group of 15th and 15th-century paintings of Italian Schools and Dutch Masters.

If you look into the Italian galleries, you will see amazing Giotto, Fra Angelico, Bellini, Correggio, Botticelli, Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna, Child with St. Anne and John the Baptist, The Entombment by Michelangelo and Raphael’s The Crucifixion. You will also see some definitive work from the 18th century to 1920 by Sargent, Reynolds, Hogarth, Constable, Gainsborough, and tuner.

If you head into the German and Dutch galleries, you will see all classified work done by van Dyck, Dürer, Frans Hals, Rembrandt, and Vermeer. It also includes some French works, including Delacroix, Monet, Daumier, Renoir, Degas, and Cezanne. But while visiting the museum, make sure to take the guided tours and lunchtime lectures so that you will get to learn lots of things within the shortest time.

Eden Project:

The hilarious and incredible Eden project is collecting all unique artificial biomes and contains a fantastic collection of foliage and plants worldwide. Its located in the quarry in Cornwall and consists of a spectacular botanical garden. This garden has a vast array of plants and a vast dome igloo-shaped greenhouse. This greenhouse is genuinely massive, and each of its building looks impressive and futuristic. In each room, there are thousands of plant species from Mediterranean environments and tropical areas.

It also offers numerous arts, culture, and music events every day, which is worth enjoying with plant life. So, if you are curious about things to do in London at night, you can plan to stay in Eden Project for a night. The food provided by the restaurants is delicious, along with adventure activities ( giant swings and ziplining) that will make your night delightful and memorable.

Tower of London:

The Tower of London covers everything from the palace, prison, treasure vault, menagerie to the observatory. If you are looking for cultural things to do in London

You can widely consider this top attraction building in England. It can keep visitors engage for hours after hours by enjoying its centerpiece leading heritage site. It has many impressive exhibitions, including Crown Jewels, the Royal Mint, Yeoman Warder Tours, displays, and exhibits regarding prisoners and executions’ hanging. Its covers 18 acres area, and white-tower is the centerpiece of this Thames-side fortress.

It was built in 1078 by the conquer William Conqueror and displayed hundreds of displays such as the famous Line of Kings. It’s established in 1652 with a significant royal armor display and produces a great deal of exploration.

Apart from young visitors, the Tower of London has many special events for Youngers and kids. “Knights School” is an immersive program that produces fun for the kids and focuses on the castle’s history. So, you must check out the children’s events when you are there.


Ten miles north of the city of Salisbury, Stonehenge is located on the Salisbury plain. It’s one of the best-known of Europe’s prehistoric monuments, and various viewing adjacent is there to these enormous stones. You can visit the Neolithic House to see the authentic replicas tool and other implements from 4500 years ago. Many Neolithic volunteers demonstrate the skills nicely, and you can enjoy these live events in the early morning or late evening by booking tickets.

If you would like things to do in England, you can visit this famous place by purchasing an advanced ticket. Usually, it becomes a rush in the working day, and by pre-booking only you can enjoy uncounted exhibitions. You can see the visitor center stage and enjoy audio-visual effects with 250 ancient objects. Just see how the antique megaliths were furiously erected between 1500 and 3000 BC and shared this untold experience with everyone.

Chester Zoo:

If you want to head outside of London, Chester Zoo is the best place to visit with family and friends. Nearly 11,000 animals worldwide live in this zoo, and it’s a 125-acre biggest-sized zoo. It has a collection of 400 animal species and reaches beyond the animal lovers. It also has Landscaped gardens, a prizewinning place for animals. You can tour this extensive zoo with a large monorail system and introduce yourself to a penguin pool, Chimpanzee Island, and Europe’s largest tropical home.

 While visiting the Chester zoo, don’t forget to visit its old city walls and galleried walkways, also known as “Chester Rows.” The city wall preserved for its insightful Britain story and Chester rows is an impressive medieval Supersecret architectural gems. It has a unique picturesque setting and the full length of stone collection from the 14th century. You can also visit Chester Cathedral, where you can squeeze your travel journey.

The British Museum:

Compare to another famous museum in London. The British Museum holds several outstanding pieces to show the people how ancient artifacts are well-known, like Rosetta Stone. This museum is the world’s finest museum that holds nearly 14 million artifacts from  Babylonia, Assyria, Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire, Europe, and China. It has incredible Elgin Marbles from Athens and the largest Egyptian collections outside of Cairo. It also has a spectacular hoard of Roman silver dating, which is known as Mildenhall Treasure. It’s the 14th century’s most Thought-provoking treasure, and in 1942 it was unearthed in Suffolk.

The Georgian City of Bath and the Roman Baths:

If you have got some time to visit a smaller city in London, consider The Georgian City of Bath and the Roman Baths. Because I believe you couldn’t even do much better than Bath. It’s a remarkable, beautiful place where someone boasts more architectural and historical evidence in the 500 city buildings. For this magnificent building, the entire city has become a world heritage site. The Georgian City of Bath is an ideal location where it explores England’s stunning countryside, including the Mendip Hills, the Avon Valley, Somerset landmarks, and countless other sites.

Roman Bath is the 2000 years old architecture that builds the city’s rejuvenating most hot springs. It’s famous and well-known for its Georgian Townhouses (honey-colored) located on the Royal Crescent.