London attractions


The range of London attractions is endless. With a little wonder, London offers the world’s top tourist places and attracting over 18 million visitors each year around different parts of the world. Moreover, it’s a vibrant city of art, culture, and theater and entertainment center. Even 60 years after the Beatles, the nation’s historical and cultural scene still rocks.

So, take a London tour for sightseeing and visit the top London attractions by exploring the exhibitions and hanging out in different parts of London’s end. As London offers the planet’s most significant concentrations of many cultural attractions like a palace, museums, giant ferries wheel, and breathtaking views over the River Thames, you can luxuriously spend endless days here. By exploring these best tourism locations without ever running the unique things to do and see in London, it’s a bonus for many places to visit for totally free of cost.

To make your London travel most itinerary, look at our complete guide and explore London attractions without missing a single thing. As we have referred to some top tourists place in London, you can also follow this and make your journey more memorable.

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace is Britain’s most iconic building and another scene of the most popular display of ancient pomp and circumstance, namely the guard’s changing. You can start visiting this palace at 11030am onwards, and nonetheless of the season, you can enjoy a colorful and free display of music and precision marching. Besides this, different music takes place at St. James Palace, and after that, you can interestingly follow the music band along with the Mall sites.

For your kind information, this magnificent palace was built in 1837, and different Royal family London residence used to live here since Queen Victoria’s succession. Therefore, if you wonder where the queen is now, look to the flagpole at the top of the building. You will see a standard royal flag is flying day and night when she’s at home. Even in special state events, she and her royal family members appear on the central balcony to show their presence. 

The Tower of London and The Tower Bridge

The glorious Tower of London has full filled with many different roles from custodial to the palace. From down the centuries, it has a treasurer vault to a single private zoo. It is one of London’s iconic structures and the enormous world heritage site that offers visitors every hour of fascination. It’s one of the best London attractions for kids as this is full of the country’s amusing history. So much evidence happens here from time to time. The world’s massive White Tower built-in 1078 by the conqueror William, and in the 17-th century, the Line of Kings made a remarkable display of royal armor and armaments.  

The other highlighted feature includes Crown Jewels exhibitions, the famous beefeaters, Royal Mint, and horrific exhibits. All of these exhibitions took place on the royal grounds. The superb adjacent Tower Bridge has two giant size towers rising to 200 feet above the River Thames. One of the buildings in London’s best-known revolutions, and for visiting this, you may need London pass.

For the best and appropriate use of the time, you can buy the Tower of London entrance and Crown Jewels ticket together as a London attractions combination tickets in advance from the office lines. You will get these tickets at the lowest price, and it will also help save money, time, and crowds.

The British Museum


The British Museum is one of the world’s finest antiquities collections galleries and displays more than 14 million artifacts of the ancient world. It has several priceless objects from Babylonia, Assyria, Europe, China, and the most famous countries globally. It is tough to know where to begin as most tourists first head into the museum’s most famous ancient exhibits. It has the provocative Elgin Marbles from the far Parthenon, the colossal bust of Ramesses II, the Rosetta Stone, and the Egyptian mummies. It also has the 4-th century Roman Silver crown known as Mildenhall Treasure, and this is such a spectacular hoard of roman history.

So, if you are thirsty to know British history, you can visit its well-stocked on-site bookshop that boasts exhaustive headings on ancient history, art and history, and archaeology. There is also a children’s book shop with games and souvenirs where the replica of sculptures and jewelry sold. The museums also offer various workshops, lectures, restaurants, and cafes for those who want to linger longer.


The Shard


Since the Shard opened in 2012, it has become the world’s most recognizable, most-visited London attractions map. It’s a landmark building standing 1016 feet tall, which encompasses 95 stories building. It’s a remarkable structure. It has been named for its resemblance to a shard of glass and dominates the skyline. Thanks to its pleasing design, the network does not seem out of place, especially when you see its neighbor Tower Bridge.

Plus, it also has office spaces, hotels, restaurants, bars on different levels. It has a stunning Shangri-La hotel and three superb restaurants. These show the most incredible views over London and those who don’t want to stay here even they can also see the upper-most levels that consist of a choice of viewing platforms, including indoor and outdoor.

Big Ben and Parliament:


Nothing screams “London attractions pass” more empathically than the 318- foot tall tower housing the giant clock in front of it and its big decisive bell known as Big Ben of London. It’s an iconic landmark like other London attractions and well-known worldwide as the time of BBC signals. Just below it, by enlarging along the Thames River, there is the house of parliament. It’s Britain’s government parliament and stands for centuries since at the time of William conqueror occupied the royal Westminster Palace. Thus visiting the parliament building offers a fantastic chance to watch real-time debates and lovely political discussions. From the parliament square, there is a Whitehall lined by several government buildings. It is how this becomes identical with the British parliament government.

National Gallery:


London’s National Gallery symbolizes a complete investigation of European paintings from 1260 to 1920. It’s the world’s ranking top art museums and has excellent strength in its unique collections in Butch Masters from the 15th-16th centuries to today. It has art collections which include different preliminary sketches and cartoons of Madonna, child by Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli’s Mars and Venus, Michelangelo’s The Entombment, The Water Lily Pond book by Monet, van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and so on.

The Victoria and The Albert Museum:


The Victoria and Albert Museum, also known as V&A, is a part of the museums’ South Kensington group. It included the Science museum, and the Natural History Museum was founded in 1852. It covers 13 acres of areas and contains 145 galleries with 5,00 years old arts and artifacts. 

The V&A exhibition includes glass and ceramics, costumes and textiles, jewelry and silver, sculpture, ironwork, photos, prints, etc. these all more conveniently arranged into the four category galleries such as Asia, fashion, textile, furniture, sculpture, metalwork, glass, ceramics, word, and image.

As this is a vast place, it’s impossible to visit in a single time. So, you can arrange the London attractions tickets according to which place you want to visit more. Then you can choose the specific sections. Thus, visiting V&A is highly recommended so that you can gain priceless knowledge of ancient history.

Natural History Museum:


Established in 1754, Natural History Museum in London’s most-visited spectacular museum attraction on the planet. It has a huge Romanesque façade collection, and obviously, you don’t want to make a rush while visiting this façade. This museum’s original exhibits are displaying from the centuries after centuries and all together compromise a massive collection of 80 million items that showcasing everything from zoology to botany. In between, it has pretty much everything, including Charles Darwin’s epic journeys collections. So, a highlight visit to seeing these preserved specimens will make your enjoyment more ridiculous.

 So, you can join a guided tour that will take 30-50 minutes to visit all the parts of this museum so that you can start your journey, not in a hurry. You can enjoy different fun activities like workshops for children, late-night opening events, and shopping opportunities with perfect dining options in between the journey.

 The London Eye:


Our last historical things to do in London is visiting the London eye. Its officially known as the Coca-Cola London Eye, built as a symbol of millennium celebrations in 2000. It’s Europe’s largest observation wheel and offers glass capsules spectacular views of the London city. You can embark on a circular motion tour rising 443 feet above the river Thames. The journey lasts for half an hour, and you can make a reservation in advance to enjoy the time quicker. So, you can enjoy the capsules and express your experience with friends and families.