Science museum London

According to the Google sheet view, Science museum London is the world’s largest indoor space, and you cannot believe there is so much to do and so much to see in this blissfully quiet Museum. You can enjoy every extra attraction inside, like Apollo Mission screening in 4D, the Red Arrows’ simulators, the 3D IMAX viewing of sea life, Typhoon combat aircraft, and lots and lots of exploration in these contemporary pieces. So, uncover a vast array of objects by spending a whole day in the Museum and learning about different cultural objectives to travel to IMAX. Furthermore, you can also make this incredible journey through-provoking and interactive by touching and enjoying it first-hand.

It’s an excellent place for all family people and a must-see museum for youngers and adults. Again, each year nearly 3 million visitors come to the science and history museum to meet with many scientists, curators, authors, and artists along the way as the Museum aims to inspire every visitor with existent iconic objects, beautiful galleries, award-winning exhibitions, science demonstrations, hands-on workshops and many incredible stories of astonishing scientific achievement.



For major tourist attractions, the London Science Museum is located in South Kensington, London. It is near the Natural History Museum, Albert Museum, and the Victoria Museum. Plus, it’s on the Exhibition Road in Kensington and was founded in 1857. Today, this is the headquarter of Britain’s National Museum of Science and Industry and one of London’s most excellent museums.

A brief history:


As per historical evidence, the Science Museum was established under a different name and structure in 1857. It was called the South Kensington Museum, which includes several arts and design exhibitions. It is located in the central of London, where the Albert Museum and Victoria Museum stand now. The Museum was there until 1862, and after that, the Museum moved to Exhibition Road, the neighboring building of Albert Museum, and a separate V&A was created in the Museum. Then time after time, the Museum began to fulfill many international exhibitions and played an essential role in people’s modern lives. For example, they raised the “special Loan collection of scientific Instruments” in 1876 while doing the Museum’s renovation. In 1885 the Science Museum was separated officially from the Victoria and Albert Museum and adopted its new name as “Science Museum” in 1909.

Even today, the British Museum is nothing in front of the Science Museum as it contains several records in scientific, medical, and technological achievements across the globe. Because the Museum is well occupied with 15,000 display objects, over 300,000 astounding objects, exhibitions, and collections of western science, medicine, and technology since 1700.

It also has some famous and recognizable objects like the Apollo 10 command capsule, Puffing Billy, the Stephenson’s Rocket, steam locomotive (First jet engine), Francis Crick’s DNA model, the RAF Red Arrows, etc. Historically, it is one of the most visited science and technology museums all over Europe due to its broad, collaborating, and surprising collections. 

Science Museum London events:

Many lovely events are held in the London Science Museum, including daily events, science shows, live events, 800 interactive exhibits, excellent simulator rides, IMAX 3D cinema, etc. For example, I can tell you about “Science” and “Space Gallery” events and how it will hold. Presently the “Science” strand of the massive collection in chemistry, physics, biology, and cosmology, focusing on astronomy, weights and measures, natural history, earth sciences, navigation, and natural philosophy. It has the world’s most comprehensive medical displays with a large number of medical collections.

The Space Gallery is changing exhibitions of renowned artists, photographers, and creative professionals that explore the relationship between science, technology, and media. This Media Gallery opened in 2013, and it’s a collaborative project between the National Media Museum and the Science Museum. No need for the mansion is the most ambitious gallery, consisting of six networks in the world. The six networks are the telephone exchange, the cable, the constellation, broadcast, the web, and the cell. Likewise, this gallery always explores their development in the form of series like wireless transmission of the Titanic disaster in 2012.

Science Museum London virtual tour:

If you are interested in diving into this world-famous Museum and every science museum London cloakroom right away, make your mind give a virtual tour. I am going to describe now so that you can enjoy the time immediately. You will feel every district, circle, and Piccadilly lines of every room plus astounding galleries, remarkable exhibitions, creative blank canvas spaces, etc. Let us get started with the most inspiring and unique Science Museum venue virtually and gather more exciting experience.

Room layouts and capabilities:


There is an extensive range of available spaces in the Science Museum that can accommodate nearly 1500 guests at a time. It has eight event spaces that can host on any day and night time. Every room has a large window spanning and has an incredible envious view of London’s whole city. Furthermore, natural daylight truly floods every space’s beauty. 

There are several spaces available in the Smith Centre to do corporate events such as conferences and meetings. Its mainly located on the 1st or ground floor of the Museum. These spaces are also available for different Boardrooms, Salon, Courtyard, etc… Every room is fully integrated with an AV system that enables a seamless and straightforward production experience. Apart from this, there is a Clerkenwell Green collection partner. It is an East London Hoxton based best catering team working for the Science Museum and delivering their extraordinary relaxed service. So, room layouts and capacities’ versatility gives you a theme of organizing any private or corporate events in the Science Museum.  

Historical Venue:


There are so many magnificent and beautiful historic buildings up and down in the Museum. It is a favorite place for visitors who love the inconspicuous gate or door behind the main building. Inside the building, there are lots of breath-taking historical spaces there, which is worth visiting. These include The Saatchi Gallery, One Moorgate Place, The National Army Museum, The Royal Institution, Central Hall Westminster, Vintners’ Hall, etc., are enlisted historical places. So, we are virtually inviting you to check out the availability to visit this place.

Educational Venue:


If you are a student and looking for a room for small workshops, breakout sessions, meetings, AGMs, perfect auditorium, product launches, exhibitions, fashion shows, and lots more other incredible venues that will helpful for your perfect education and inspire your background events then there is a huge collection of educational venues in Science Museum. Carlowrie Castle, the Marry Rose, Prestonfield House, Prospero House, Illuminate, Japan House, Goodenough College, Park End Street, BMA House are some of the must-see educational venues.  

Iconic Landmark:


The Brasserie and Champagne Bar, The Gherkin, Vintners’ Hall, The Tobacco Docks, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Somerset House, The Banqueting Hous, 113 Chancery Lane, Stationers’ Hall, etc. are the charming and unique backdrop for any guests. Many visitors from all parts of the world are highly interested in looking for these Iconic landmarks in the Science Museum. So, if you are also looking for some “WOW” factor venue, these are the perfect landmark for you. Rather than visiting the place, you can also organize any exhibitions, live events, conferences, and award ceremonies. Every place is full of impressive views, adorable spaces, steeped rooms and become everyone’s favorite iconic place. So, if you’re an artist or archeologist, or a famous philosopher, you are all allowed to enjoy the Iconic landmarks.

Lecture room:


There is a huge collection of awesome and inspiring lecture rooms or auditoriums for all professionals, journalists, and students. Each of these auditoriums can make your ordinary lecture extraordinary and create a nice theatrical buzz through a conference or film screening. For this reason, Science Museum is full of state-of-the-art level auditorium such as 30 Euston Square, The Mermaid London, The Henry Wellcome Auditorium, Japan House, The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Troxy, The Bvlgari Hotel, The Light, The Cambridge Building, The Grubstreet Author, The Bloomsbury, etc. all of these auditoriums dedicated for lectures theatres including educational training. So, you can visit any of these Lecture venues and enjoy whole day training.

Science Museum London opening times:


As visitors’ health and safety are the main priority of this COVID 19 pandemic situation, the Science Museum remains closed until August 2020. But the authority of the Museum decided to open this from September onwards. Mostly the activities of the Museum are closely monitored as advertised. Therefore the opening time from September 2020 as bellows:

Every Wednesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00 (last entry must be 17.15)

Galleries are open on the same day, but it closed 30 minutes before the Museum closes. 

Almost every age of people can visit the Museum, and children under 12 must be accomplished by their parents, teachers, or adults.