The Shard London

The Shard London is an iconic tower that redefined the London skyline. It has already become the international symbol and “Vertical city” for London by offering London’s tallest building. It’s also the tallest building in Europe as well as because it has 55,000 square meters of office space, three floors of restaurants, 17-story hotels, a triple-height viewing gallery, 13-floor apartments, etc. On top of that, it’s made of 11,00 glass panels, open-sir space for viewing, and 602,778 sq ft space, which is equal to the eight big size football pitches. Furthermore, the building length is 310 meters and completed with a steel-framed pinnacle plus clad. The glasses are designed mainly to blend into the sky.


The shard tower is standing next to the London Bridge Station, and it is one of the busiest transport hubs. As it is situated on the heart of the London Bridge and new commercial Quarter, this tallest building plays an essential role in the regeneration of the London South Bank. While Hong-Kong and New-York are struggling for skyscraper-rich recognition, the Shard continuously dominates the skyline with its solitary and luminous presence. 

Short History:

 According to Wikipedia, the Shard has been named because the shard glass used in this tower construction is near the London Bridge. It is a 95 story skyscraper and designed by an Italian Archived Renzo Piano. Therefore, the structure of Shard started in March 2009 and ended on 30th March 2012. Finally, it was inaugurated on 5th July 2012.  

The Shard has become a landmark of modern tech-based architecture in the contemporary London city. Its excellent cutting-edge design of glass shards reflects the London skyline on its outer part and changes the color according to the weather and seasons. It is pretty hard to miss the beauty of Shard of you loon across the skyline once. It is the second tallest structure in the UK and is known as “the London Bridge Tower” or “The Shard of Glass.” It offers a fantastic viewing experience for tourists and visitors that you won’t find anywhere in the world or even in the city.

They were coming to its ground-breaking and unique design that won first place in the Emporis Skyscraper Awards in 2014. It has got the recognition of being having 100 meters completed building in the previous year. The judges also decided to award the Shard winning prize as representing “London’s new emblem.” Besides this, the Shard building has appeared in many movies, films, and TV shows. The Snowman And The Snowdog in 2013, “The Bells of Saint John” in 2014, and “Treehouse of Horror” are including some of those episodes and movies. 

The shard hotels and apartments:

The Shard has all the exclusive residential apartments on floors 53-65. It is the highest dazzling building in the UK and offers the highest view of the capital from London’s most prestigious location. The ten apartment spaces have occupied 1000 ft skyscraper without any questions that made the most elevated cheer up home in Western Europe. On a sunny clear day, you can catch the running ferries across the North Sea, and Tower Bridge is looking fitting in the river Thames. Do you know this was the best home in the capital built and developed by the Engineers described as “A beacon for modern London”?

Talking to the Shard hotels, it has a Shangri-La hotel, the UK’s first 5* hotels that occupy the floor 34-52. It has 200 luxury rooms, international restaurants, premium event space, an iconic bar, recreation facilities, etc. It also provides breathtaking views from the skyscraper and an array of broad amenities. Some of these are a gourmet delicatessen, gym, infinity pool, etc… Apart from this hotel, the other Shard hotels cater to the travelers’ most every budget type facility. So every traveler, from budget backpackers to high-level hunters, can enjoy this. So, if you are a traveler, you can choose a wide variety of hotels from classic British hotels, inexpensive hotels, quirky boutiques or apartments, etc. So, choose your best locked indoor and enjoy staying in hotels.


Statistics and research showed that inspiring elegant workplaces produce more productive and happier workforces than typical workplaces. So, the Shard has several office spaces that provide incredible views and provide enough space, light, air-ventilated natural environment, and a beautiful winter garden on every floor. The Shard’s Quarter development created a mixed-use of vertical town and a perfect unique community to work together at the office. So, the Shard office truly enhances the productivity, creativity, and efficiency of the workers.


Shard restaurants have the finest restaurants in London. Aqua Shard is one of the Shard’s top restaurants, which serves contemporary British Cuisine, a private dining room, innovative, spectacular 3-story atrium high bar on the 31st floor. Oblix is another urban, sophisticated, casual dining on the 32nd floor. It also offers a dynamic cocktail bar. If you are from North China and looking for fascinating and diverse cuisine restaurants, you can go to the Hutong, which is on level 33. Then for European style cuisine and bar we the Shard has the Shangri-La Hotel’s restaurant called TING. You will also get an Asian twist here on level 31. Bar31 is the perfect place for drinks and unwind snacks. Finally, we have got the GONG restaurants for a vintage champagne bar and cocktail. All of these restaurants provide sunset cocktails and clam late-night drinks against the London skyline framework.

These restaurants are also famous for hosting a surprise birthday party or dates with loveable ones to make him/ her extensive impress. You can also head into the spot for morning breakfast or, later on, the day, leisurely afternoon tea. Plus, you can also make a plan to spend your weekend on the Shard’s decadent multicourse, which is called bottomless brunches, and enjoy the restaurants with live music and entertainment.

The View from The Shard Highlights:

The Shard’s view started from the main gallery of, and this is the Shard’s primary and number 1 highlight, which a visitor must-see. Then, at level 69 to 72 floors, you can view the London skyline’s 360-degree spectacular view. It has expanded to 3 levels to enjoy the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge station, Tower Bridge, and the Houses of Parliament. They can also use the Shard’s digital telescope to watch more than 200 tourist attractions places in London. Plus, you can zoom in on each location and watch the pre-recorded views with this telescope. There are also day-night, sunny, and winter season options to enjoy every location using different modes in a telescope.

To watch the topmost view, you can use the Shards swift lift to emphasize the tourist’s activity and take you up to the high levels within a second by using lighting speed. By using a lift, you can go to level 72. Here you will see two separate panels of the Shard taper where the visitors can enjoy the sky in the open-air-tip and have a slanted glance of the sky. Therefore watch this view and gather experience for a lifetime.

On the ground floor, the visitors can also watch different screenplay footage of London’s attraction, such as the London Eye, Canary Wharf, Mudchute Park. In this panel, they can also enjoy some recognizable faces of London like the Spice Girls, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and many more.

Ticket availability and Opening Hours:

The entrance fees of the shards depend on the steep of is heights. The upper the heights, the more admission prices are there. But fortunately, it offers a reasonable price. So, don’t deter yourself from visiting the Shard beauty and enjoy this fantastic attraction in London. For this, you can save money by buying some pre-tickets and some “walk-up” tickets. It’s available every day, and you don’t need to wait for the next session every time. There is also another option like you can pay $100 for each person to visit the Shard viewing gallery once at a time. For children under four, the entrance is free. But you need to book the child’s ticket from the Shard’s official site a bit earlier.

Regarding the Shard’s opening hours, it is open every day for tourists and visitors. The time you can see from the Shards official site.

Final Thought:

So, the Shard has the joined list of London Bridge, Monuments, Borough, Tower Hill, Big Ben, and Southward. We can say it’s one of the hot spots for locals and tourists. You can see the Victorian Gothic style Tower Bridge, the Greater London Houses (GLA) from City Hall from the skyscraper. Every day nearly 6000 people and every year, millions of people visit The Shard for viewing the highest platform. Its greater architecture and innovative renovation work have become the phenomenon of modern architecture in London history.