Things to do in London

We know London is the world’s most visited city for its many iconic attractions. So you can quickly fill a little bit overwhelming as it’s hard to focus on how much you are going on and which place to put on the vacation bucket list, and so on. Because London’s bright shiny lights, monumental buildings, rush-hour crushes, and the pressing crowds may create an unknown confusion about what things to do in London?


Well, if you are in this condition, then never fear. Because out of Big Ben, Buckingham palace, other co have their place. So, consider your trip as a chance to delve deeper into London’s different characterful zones. Put your delightful mixology hat on and mix up a vast fantastic cocktail. Get sporty with friends, family, or colleagues over a ping pong game.  


So, think about things to do in London this week and hold our hands here. Because we will guide you to the best events, introduce with top new trends through our buzzing and beautiful capitals. Thus, you can enjoy London as a global capital on a very local scale (just like Londoner’s do). 


Here we are going to talking about the top 10 things to do in London as fans of a masse night out. So, trust us and glance at our list of some unusual things to do in London.

Explore at Night:

London is a Spectacular metropolis during the day and night as well. There is always something that is there for entertainment, even after dark to mind-blowing club nights. When the sun sets after a long day, London’s light began to switch on, providing the city with a magical exotic illumination.

For example, you can always take a sweaty free walking tour to explore London at night. You can hop on a cheap night tour bus and enjoy the St Paul’s Cathedral light up after dark. In that way, you can also visit the Mischievous Gothic architecture of Westminster Cathedral and Big Ben. Again, you can go to Soho and mostly at the West end to see the giant neon signs for buzzing nightlife.

After that, if you want to travel a little further, you can go to Hyde Park at night to see what bats are doing there and Hampstead Heath spot the Pleasurable stargazing. Finally, to complete your night exploring, you can visit PoloBar at Liverpool Street, which is open 24/7 for you to provide greasy spoon dining.

Visit historical place:

Buckingham Palace:

If you have planned some cool things to do in London, you can think of giving a trip to Buckingham Palace. As long as I know, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t stroll through Green Park and catch a glimpse of British home decoration, royal family lifestyle. It was built-in 1837 and had 775 largest rooms. But for visitors, only some rooms are opened. From outside, watch the historical tradition of changing of the Guard. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to watch this world-famous, well-disciplined Royal guard wearing Royal guards the London bearskin.


London is an elegant city for its several free museums throughout the city. When you go to the Exhibition Road in South Kensington, you will find many world-famous and top-rated museums close to each other. First, go to the Natural History Museum and take a photo with its Diplodocus skeleton, which is in the main hall. Then explore the whole museum and find the dodo replica. It is an ancient fossil and an old stuffed of animals. After that, you can visit the Science Museum, which is infamous for its hands-on activities to investigate any scientific progress if you have throughout the age.

Furthermore, you can also take a short turn to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). Its main focus is on cultural history and artwork to show you different fashion models and living tools worldwide. You will also find brilliant art students who are sketching the ironwork and classical statues here.

Last is the British Museum, where you will see different archaeological discoveries, including Rosetta Stone mummified remains. Aside from Museums, if you have children, you can visit the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre. You will get hundreds of free activities for children to explore the culture and history of modern technology.

 London Eye:

If you have things to do in London tomorrow, I suggest visiting the Iconic London Eye first. You can make a team visit to the London eye to see the adjacent London aquarium. Here you can see many aquatic creatures around the world, including seahorses, jellyfish, and crocodiles. So, the London eye is constructed to well come to the millennium, and it’s a giant Ferris wheel that offers gorgeous views across London. You can use spacious pods or splurge pods and watch the city’s beauty from the London eye. The wheel of this eye also lit up at night with different colors. It is also a centerpiece of the London annual New Year celebration.

Brixton Academy:

If you are a music lover, let me tell you that there are thousands of unique music venues in London. These venues are open every night, and you can go there and enjoy up-and-coming modern musicians. One of these types of venues is Brixton Academy in the town in south London. Before 1929 it was a theater, and a cinema called the Astoria inaugurated this theater. After 50 years, this theater became an academy and named Brixton Academy, now host the biggest pop and rock acts in the world.

Sex Pistols, the Clash, Madonna, New Order are famous acts that play in this academy. The Smits also played the final performance here, and this is just the g-to music venue where you can catch some life of London music.

Tower of London:

The Tower of London is popular as a medieval castle situated on the River Thames’ north bank. Officially it’s a fortress and Majesty’s Royal Palace. You cannot but gawp at the staggeringly elegant collections of diamonds, scepters, tiaras that make the Sensational Crown Jewels. To enjoy all of these, arrive a little earlier to beat the crowds and truly catch a glimpse of these Beautiful precious rocks. Yet, some royal family still uses these rocks, which you can see here. It’s a 900 years od monument and the country’s ever finest historical attractions. One more thing, don’t forget to see Yeoman Warders, also known as Beefeaters, to get to the tower. So, spend your whole day here and make a Twilight Tour. 

Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge is near the Tower of London, across the Thames and the capital’s most popular and famous bridge. It’s a historic structure and a bit of a stunner than the other traditional bridge. The bridge lifts in the middle when large ships or vessels are passing through underneath. It also gained a glass floor on the walkways. This walkway allows the visitor to look straight down to the river 42 meters below. Also, each of these glass panels is 11 meters long and weighed 500 kg nearly. So, when crossing the bridge, don’t think you are walking across them. You may feel nerviness.

The palace of Westminster:

The palace of Westminster is the houses of parliament. In other words, it’s a house of lords and the house-of-commons. It’s a wonderful mishmash palace with nice architectural styles. It is dominated by the towers and arches and neo-gothic buttresses. It contains 1000 rooms, eight bars, 11 courtyards, six restaurants, staff, MPs, and lords room, and lots of guest room. Members of the public are also welcome, but you have to book the ticket earlier to visit this palace. So, step into the palace and grow an idea of how parliament function works. 

Royal Opera House:

Royal Opera house is the home of Royal Ballot, the Orchestra of the oldest national Royal Opera. It is located in the Convent Garden of London and full of art and architectural monuments. If you are a mad fan of arts, this would be the perfect place for you to visit first. There is so much to discover in the Royal Opera House, and you will see much amazing architecture, history, and artworks in the main building. You will also see an official home of Royal Ballot and performing different shows and arts.  

London Food Tours:

I swear you will miss something so bad if you don’t book a food tour while especially in London, typically if you are a foodie and love to eat anywhere, any place. Because London is the world’s most undisputed culinary capital where you can get chippy ( chip and fish shop), tea at Harrods and other food options as the city offers plenty. It will also give you to feel as you are local. So get acquainted with the Ripper Happy Hour, Britain Food Tour, Soho International Tour, etc. you will also get several experiences in the city’s famous Borough Market, including Indian and Italian food, Pizza, Cookies, Pasta and lots of local foods. Therefore, you can also enjoy the Twilight Soho Food Tour and East End Food Tour at the bank of the River Thames or its neighborhood tours.