Tooting Broadway

The area of south London is trendy for visitors and Londoners for several reasons. If you are fancy a day out in South London, I strongly suggest getting on the tube at Tooting Broadway. It is also known as Tooting Bec, full of boozy curry houses, exceptional markets, a mixture of independent high streets at Balham, Tottenham Court Road, Waterloo, Kings Cross St Pancras, etc. Plus, you will also get the real community feeling like most people from the central London shift in Tooting because of reasonably priced rents. So, you will get a great experience of living in Tooting at a low price.

It just takes a half an hour journey from central London to get into the Tooting Broadway, where you can stop to enjoy all-natural hotspots as I believe this is one of the coolest places in south London. According to the tooting broadway map, this place is nestled between Wimbledon and Clapham, and it was named Tooting in 2017. Although Toothing has not got so much popularity as the other parts in London, its eclectic mixture of “Curry mile,” the largest chicken cottage, Sadiq khan, are some nostalgic memories that positively need to mention.  

Some people have singled out Tooting as a “Gritty Charm,” where some people accolade it as “Lonely Planet.” Whatever many seem to think, I would like to hail this as a “Captivating” and “Multiculturalism” place full of original best destinations to visit.

From these aspects, Tooting is a brilliant, fantastic place to visit, and I will help you check out the top 10 sites to check out in Tooting. I hope you will like and also enjoy the places in Southeast London.

Tooting Market:


The tooting market is nothing like either, whether you compare it with Shoreditch and Brixton. It has all from café, Japanese tapas bar, Islamic clothing shops, nail and hair salons to vinyl stores, whatever you want. You will get that. You will always get something new here, including packed food stalls, old-school vinyl records, different comic books, fresh vegetables, and fruit shops, etc. Tooting is famous for the best two markets, Tooting Market and the other one is Broadway Market. Both are located in the same place and separated by a stone street. Tooting the market also boasts a distillery of local gin called Graveney Gin. It offers an incredible selection of delicious street foods and cuisines worldwide, including American, Japanese, Caribbean, and Chinese. 

The Best Curries:


Its mentioned earlier, Tooting is also known as “The Curry Mile.” This is the ancient Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s favorite food was different south Indian food. Although he was born in Tooting, he was biased by south Indian food. So, other South Asian restaurants, Srilankan, and Pakistani restaurants built up here from that time onwards. They offer budget-priced authentic food and become very popular day by day. Some of these shops are Daily Naan shop, Sri Lankan cuisine, Apollo Banana Leaf restaurants, and a BYOB policy to sell the food. So, you can save pennies by enjoying this food. Although many people consider this as a portion of street food as it may not have an attractive dining room, for sure, it will win your heart as it has done before of many locals.

Largest Chicken Cottage:


It may seem a strange compliment about Tooting, but Tooting is indeed crammed with many chicken shops. In Tooting itself, it has 12 big chicken shops, including KFC, Nandu’s, etc., and its chicken cottage is the most popular and widely spread throughout the city. It’s also great for post-clubbing drunk and fried chicken. If you are seriously a fan of fried chicken, you can enjoy this chicken cottage as this is Europe’s largest chicken cottage in the world. So, whenever you get time, sink yourself into the box of crunchy chicken by checking out its poultry hotspot. Particularly at dinner time, visit this UK’s something especial place and enjoy the time with lots of fun and exceptions. 

MUD Café:

It is a unique coffee shop for locals, and it’s famous for its freshly-made sandwiches, brunch menu, and Aussie-style coffee in London. Its located on Mitcham Road inside the Tooting market. This MUD café offers traditional brunch dishes that belong to bacon, avocado, pancakes, and fresh sourdough bread from the famous Blackbird Bakery. Altogether the vibe of this café is incredibly laid back and quintessentially Aussie type. So, if you genuinely want to spend a chilled weekend, you can make a plan to spot out this café immediately. Don’t miss this gem and also some high street market stalls of fresh fruit, meat, fish, and vegetables in the tooting market. Yet it may smell a little grim, but you will love the food as every stall produce high-quality food at a reasonable price.



Pubs are ubiquitous in Tooting the London zone. They have Modern Rose and Crown pub, which is a big 200-years-old and run by the locals. It offers a vast gin menu, including stonebaked pizza and Wetherspoons. Then they have craft beer at the Craft Tooting location. This pub is also run by the locals and sells large and small breweries like the local brewers. It is not a big and oldest pub and is located in the Broadway market. But when you run upon a raw of craft beer, you will defeat pick up a beer for yourself as they sell mind-blowing great quality beer in Craft Tooting. So, stripped-back your feeling with the Tooting bar.

Tooting Bec Lido:


Tooting has the largest swimming pool called Lido, and it’s a trendy place for significantly cold water swimmers. It is being used as a standard swimming spot since 1906 as it has a separate pool for toddlers and for news comers who want to learn swimming for the first time. So, Tooting Bec Lido is the most Instagrammable attractive place in South London where you can enjoy the water by taking a snap. It also has a fantastic traditional-style changing room and, of course, an open-air swimming pool. If you are a swimmer or keen to learn swimming don’t forget to visit this place because it is the UK’s largest swimming pool and measured 91.5 meters. It means this is almost twice the length of an Olympic competition pool.

Tooting Common:


If you are a green space lover, you would love to visit the 200 acres of Tooting Common parks. It also means that London is not short of parks, and Tooting Common is excellent for concrete jungle lovers. It also boasts the biggest Lido in the UK, magnificent tree-lined paths, and a superb tennis court. Naturally, this park is made of 2 areas. One is Tooting Bec Common, and the other one is Tooting Graveney Common. Bec Common is the eastern and northern part of the common, and Graveney Common is the western and southern part of the common. It is such the most significant place to plan for a whole day picnic and take a stroll over the area. You will also find many bustling shops and markets here for shopping and having delicious lunch. It is even the land of the medieval origin of South London park. Interestingly, in 2013 these two commons were mainly featured as the Award-winning British independent film. 

Cuisines From All Corners of the World:

Have you tried Guyanese Cuisine, Mauritian food from Pepi’s Guyanese Cuisine? It’s a South American fare sample, which is very similar to the Caribbean, a melting pot of influence. It includes salt fish, Curry, and tasty chow mein. On the other hand, Mauritian food is also a European, Chinese, and Indian dish, just like a fish vintage and dim sum. You will also get a particular pickle curry with this dish, a Mangé Des Iles sample.

Additionally, you can also grease Japanese, Lebanese, and Portuguese food found in the cosmopolitan buzzy Tooting market. So, sit on marble made stools in the Plot Broadway market and eat especial plates of modern British food like ham, asparagus, monkfish, and chicken terrine on Future-Forward British dine Cuisine. Because it’s an amazing part of growing nighttime scenery, including home smokes gastropub Antelope, Vintage and taxidermy-filled Tota restaurant, etc. 

Other Hidden gems:


Tooting high street is full of hidden gems such as Tooting Arts Club, the National rail station, and Gala Bingo. Tooting Arts Club always puts many theatrical shows in an unusual place. It is a Sweeney Todd production and performed at Harrington’s Pie a few years ago. Then the club internationally sell-out. 

Tooting also has a train station, and every day many regular trains go from London to Sutton and St Albans. If you go to the station, you can also visit Balham, central London hubs, Clapham Junction, London Bridge, Victoria, and it is much easier to visit if they follow the London tube map.

Last but not least, if you pop into the Mitcham Road of Tooting, you will see lavishly art deco called Gala Bingo there. It was the first grade I listed cinema hall and boasted a star history of great performances, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Frank Sinatra. It was built in 1931 and remained as a beautiful bingo hall.